What is the Light Therapy Balance Protocol?

The Balance Protocol (also known as Proprioception) is about achieving a clearer communication between the brain and the nervous system to promote a more relaxed state of balance (homeostasis). Increasing the strength of this connection can:

  • Help to restore system blood flow, lymphatic flow/drainage to the brain, organs, glands, muscles, etc.
  • Restore proper motor neuron feedback (muscle tension), which results in a return to natural spinal posture positioning, balance, and over-all dexterity
  • Aid in reducing structural issues and the interference they cause on neural communication in general
  • Reduce the physiological functionality deviances (disease) which stem from emotional disturbances, thereby reducing stress from the tissues
  • Address Dental Distress Syndrome


Dental dysfunction can cause ill-effects throughout the body. Dr. A.C. Fonder called these ill effects Dental Distress Syndrome and determined that these problems can be addressed by physiologically balancing molar support, which is the goal of the Balance Protocol.

The Light Therapy Balance Protocol
Placement of Wooden Sticks:
Wooden sticks are first placed on top of the back molars and positioned to the outside of the eye teeth. Bite down with enough pressure to hold the sticks in place without clenching the jaw.
Placement of LED Pads Using Setting #6 – 2349 Hz During 10 Minute Session:
  • over the eyes using the eyemask
  • around the jaw
  • on  the back points
  • across the chest covering the collarbones
  • across lower back where the top of the glute muscles attach to the pelvis
  • both sides of the groin where the leg meets the pelvis