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In Light Wellness Systems – Overview (4:52)

Published on Feb 26, 2015
This combination of user testimonials, visuals from inside the ILWS facilities and excerpts from Nurse Jody Mittiga’s Talk About Light presentation provides a brief introduction to light therapy and In Light Wellness Systems.

In Light Wellness Systems LED Animation (4:10)

Published on Oct 23, 2013
The process of pain and inflammation, and how In Light Wellness Systems can help:
When there is a lack of oxygen and glucose in the blood vessels, Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production decreases, which is sensed by nerves and sent to the brain as either pain or a lack of sensation in the outer extremities.

Light energy stimulates the release of nitric oxide from hemoglobin, which enters the muscle cells through the walls of the blood vessels, causing the vessels to increase in diameter and allowing more blood flow, increasing oxygen and glucose.

The increase of oxygen and glucose, along with stimulation from Infrared Light Therapy, increases ATP production. This decreases pain and inflammation, and increases tissue regeneration in the localized area.

Dr. Thomas Burke – What LEDs Do (4:09)”

Published on Jan 24, 2014
Dr. Thomas Burke talks about how the Infrared, visible red, and visible blue LEDs turn light into pain relief and increased circulation.

Infrared Light Therapy and Pain Management by Len Saputo, MD (6:06)

Uploaded on Jul 12, 2011
Infrared light therapy is a very powerful new technology that relieves pain from most conditions including neuropathic pain. The use of an infrared scanner to monitor skin thermal changes in real time is essential to achieve safe and effective treatment. This video gives examples of its application. Its use in the treatment of cancer pain is surprising. This technology is amazing for sports injury’s as well.

Dr. Thomas Burke – Managing Pain (1:49)

Published on Jan 24, 2014
Dr. Thomas Burke describes how the In Light Wellness Systems pads can help reduce different types of pain in nearly any part of the body.

Leo Kirkner – Effects of Inflammation (1:28)

Published on Jan 24, 2014
Leo Kirkner describes the effects of inflammation in the body and how the In Light Wellness pads can be strategically placed to reduce this inflammation.

Benefits of Increasing Nitric Oxide in the body. Dr Ignarro, Nobel Prize Winner (7:09)

Published on Jan 24, 2014
Dr. Louis Ignarro is a distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at the UCLA School of Medicine. In 1998 three American scientists were rewarded the Noble Prize in Medicine for their discovery that the body uses a gas molecule called nitric oxide (NO) to relax and widen blood vessels—a finding that is paying off in the treatment of heart disease.

In this video, Dr. Louis Ignarro explains all of the benefits of increasing nitric oxide in the body.

What is Nitric Oxide? Dr Thomas Burke Explains “The Molecule Of Life” (10:55)

Published on Oct 6, 2013
Dr. Burke discusses what nitric oxide is and why the body needs it.

Addressing the Symptoms of Dental Distress Syndrome? – An interview with Dr. Larry Lytle, author of Healing Light (1:01:45)

Published on Jan 31, 2014
The Dental Connection
Experts in the field of advanced dentistry have recently discovered something remarkable:
New research suggests that subtle changes in the size, shape and position of the lower jaw to the upper jaw, and the way the teeth come together in one’s mouth can dramatically affect one’s physical and mental health; Regardless of whether those changes occurred naturally, via an accident, or were made by dentists performing routine dental procedures.

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