Light Therapy


Light Therapy

“Light energy is profoundly capable of influencing the healing process and the visual apparatus is not the only sensory organ that responds to light.”      –Dr. Deepak Chopra, Author

Light influences our body, mind and spirit as expressed in our physical health, our moods, our perceptions and our energy levels. Light of specific wavelengths works synergistically with the human organism in many ways. It supports many chemical conversions and can stimulate chemical reactions in the body to maintain health and well-being. Light is not just important for us — light is important for all life.

Light therapy using the In Light Wellness Systems involves the use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) delivering a combination of red, blue and near infrared light to the skin, muscles, joints and bones. Light therapy has been shown to increase circulation directly and also by boosting the formation of capillaries which deliver more oxygen at the sites of treatment to speed up healing. Light Therapy helps to stimulate the body’s natural and innate ability to heal itself.

Through the use of light therapy, Certified Light Therapists can help their clients with the temporary relief of minor pain, stiffness and muscle spasms and to temporarily increase local blood circulation all with the goal of improving the quality of their lives.

Light therapy is effective, non-invasive, painless, and restorative. It is safe for all ages and skin types. By increasing circulation in the body and generating ATP production in the cells, your body may feel energized, healthier, relaxed, restored, de-stressed and revitalized!

Light Therapy is also known as Low Level Laser (or Light) Therapy (LLLT),  LED Light Therapy, Photobiomodulation Therapy, Photochromatic Therapy, Near Infrared (NIR) Light Therapy, Photon Energy Therapy and Polychromatic Light Therapy.

… the sound of the universe that vibrates oneness and harmony

Light Therapy should not be used in place of personal judgment or medical treatment when needed.

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