Workshop: The Power of Sound for Self-Healing

Sound Healing Workshop

The Power of Sound for Self-Healing with Sandi Newton
Date: Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
Time: 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Hosted by: Cathy Reeder
Location: 2821 Cobre Valle Lane, Plano,Tx 75023
Cost: $100 via PayPal: Sandi Newton –
(Note: Payment must be received by Thursday, Aug. 22 to reserve your spot)

We live in a world of sounds and frequencies, many we can hear and a lot that we can’t because they are out of our range of hearing, or they are the sounds and frequencies within us. Each of us can modify and even heal our body, mind and spirit in amazing ways with sound healing.

This workshop will be very interactive, and you will be invited to participate in sound healing experiences/activities throughout the workshop. If you like, bring any of your own sound healing instruments

The Workshop will cover the following topics:
– Overview of sound healing – how and why it is a powerful healing modality
– How our physical bodies hear sounds and make sounds
– How our body processes sound
– Healing sounds/frequencies: Solfeggio, Bija Mantras, Sacred Vowels, Schumann Resonance
– “Seeing” sound/frequencies: Cymatics, Chladni patterns
– Laws of Resonance/Entrainment
– Human energy fields: Biofield/Auras and the Chakras
– Use of sound healing instruments: Tibetan bowls; crystal singing bowls; tuning forks; Koshi Chimes; an Ocean drum; a Buffalo Drum plus others
– Various iPad and Android apps will be introduced for supplemental use in sound healing
– Using your voice for sound healing: humming, toning, chanting
– Combining your Voice + Breath + Intention
– Voice analysis – what your voice can tell you about yourself
– Energy Hygiene
– Mini sound healing sessions will take place throughout the day, ending with a sound bath

Mini sound healing sessions will take place throughout the day, ending with a sound bath.

I think each of us is a healer, and I see my role as a sound healing facilitator to empower you to be your own self-healer. I invite you to join me for a day of empowering the self-healer in you using sounds and frequencies.