Structured Water Vortexing Device


Structured Water
Vortexing Device

The structured water vortexing device is constructed of PVC components including 1-1/2” PVC pipe. It is 15” long and contains 100+ lead free glass marbles, The device is based on the DIY Structured Vortex Water Device built and tested by Chris Pouffle (Light Coalition, 2103). As there are no moving parts, it is maintenance free other than occasionally washing it.
Although glass/ceramic containers are best for storing water, PVC is acceptable in that water is not actually being stored in this PVC device, and PVC continues to be accepted for use as piping in water delivery systems in homes and businesses. No glue was used in construction as glue often contains toxins.

How to Use the Structured Water Votexing Device ?

Structuring the water: Remove the large threaded plug at the top of the vortexing device. Slowly pour unstructured water (i.e., tap, bottled, filtered water) through the large opening in the top of the device into a container for drinking and/or storing the structured water. (Note: Store your structured water in glass or ceramic containers because they do not release toxins as do many kinds of plastic, and instead support the free flow of the energy of structured water. (Pangman, 2011))

Use with water filters: If you generally filter your water with a whole house filter or built-in refrigerator water filter, pour this water next through the vortexing device to structure it. If you filter your water through a filter such as a Berkey or ZeroWater filter, you can structure your water using the vortexing device either before or after filtering it through these other types of filters.

Threaded plugs: The one large threaded plug, which fits into the top of the vortexing device, can be placed there when the vortexing device is not in use to keep the glass marbles in and anything else out.
Two small threaded plugs are provided with the vortexing device. The one with the small hole drilled into it is always used with the vortexing device for structuring water. The one without the hole would only be used when traveling with the vortexing device to prevent leakage from any remaining water in the device.

Structuring multiple times: Pouring water through the vortexing device multiple times does not seem to make a discernable difference in the water according to Chris Pouffle in his “DIY Structured Vortex Water Device With Test” You Tube video where he used an RFI Digital Frequency Counter to measure frequency. (Light Coalition, 2013)

Cleaning: Clean periodically by putting a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid (or a veggie wash) in the vortexing device and then run hot water through it. Alternately, you can let it soak in a mixture of hot water and white vinegar for thirty minutes or so and then rinse it thoroughly with hot water.
Since no glue has been used in the assembly of the vortexing device, all the pieces can be taken apart for a thorough cleaning by twisting or tapping them loose. (If you are going to do this, you may want to first remove the marbles through the larger hole at the top of the device.)

Multiple uses for structured water: It can be used for drinking (including mixing it with other beverages), cooking, washing fruits/vegetables (and yourself), as water for your pets, and for watering plants, to name a few uses. (Note: structured water can be boiled without it losing its structure.)

Adjustment period: Since one of the benefits of drinking structured water is detoxing your body, people have sometimes noticed such initial detox effects as increased urination or fatigue. Anyone who experiences any detox effects should listen to their body and reduce the amount of structured water they drink until their body can adjust. Everyone is different. It may take a month or more for a person’s body to adjust and feel the many benefits of drinking structured water.

Testing Structured Water’s Energy
I regularly use a pendulum for measuring energy fields. After watching The Secret of Water about water’s energy, I started measuring the energy of the water at my house with my pendulum. This is what I have found:
Tap water: pendulum barely moves.
Berkey filtered water: pendulum swings clockwise up to ~20°-25° degree angle.(Note: I keep a quartz crystal in my Berkey.)
Water filtered through the Berkey filter and then poured through the structured water vortexing device: pendulum swings clockwise up to ~40°+ angle.

Structuring non-structured water with structured water: I had read that tap water that is placed adjacent to a bottle of structured water overnight would become structured. I found that by doing this, the pendulum swing for the tap water increased from barely moving to at least as much as Berkey filtered water. I have also found that if structured water is added to other non-structured water, it will structure that water, too.

Blessing the Water
Bless your water and it will express the energies it receives. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s numerous experiments aimed at finding the word that structures water most beautifully have shown that it is not just one word, but a combination of two: Love and Gratitude

Cost for Structured Water Vortexing Device: $35 (+ shipping where applicable)
Optional Koozies:

  • Embroidered koozies: $15 with a choice from numerous fabric designs as well with the choice of an embroidery design from 50+ designs (e.g., Flower of Life, Mandalas, Om designs, and others spiritual symbols.) The words Love & Gratitude are embroidered on these koozies. (Flower of Life koozie shown above)
  • Fabric only koozies (no embroidery): $7 with a choice from numerous fabric designs.
  • To order, contact Sandi at:



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Print PDF: Structured Water Vortexing Device – Instructions

The information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be used in place of personal judgment or medical treatment when needed. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Only a licensed health practitioner can diagnose and treat medical conditions.