Vortexing Fountain

Vortexing Fountain-Blue

Vortexing Fountain

Our Connection to Water
There has always been a strong connection between the element of water and humans. Water has been connected to healing and rejuvenation. Studies have suggested that flowing water produces negative ions which can increase serotonin production, alleviate depression, and boost energy. The soothing sounds of running water helps to relax the mind, providing a sense of calm.

Vortexing Water
By vortexing the water in the fountain, the water is re-structured. The term “structured water” is used to refer to the arrangement or configuration of the H2O molecules in relation to each other when they become organized to form a repeating geometric, molecular pattern and essentially becomes water in a liquid crystalline form. Structured water is life force energy, and that life force energy comes down to the water molecule itself. Structured water can be thought of as healthy water that is a liquid crystal composed of clusters of water molecules in perfect geometric shapes that remain “alive” in limited motion relative to one another. For more information, see Structured Water on my website.

Environmental Benefits
Natural environmental benefits of the Vortexing Fountain in addition to creating a natural relaxing atmosphere include functioning as an air purifier which attracts dust and allergens and then removes them from the environment, and also as a humidifier with the circulating water prevents mold and bacteria build up.

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